AVBlocks 1.1 is out

Release Notes – AVBlocks – Version 1.1


  • [AVB-31] – New API to read and write metadata – ID3 / ASF / OGG.
  • [AVB-32] – Encode images to video
  • [AVB-33] – Read transcoder output in discrete steps (pull API, Transcoder::read)
  • [AVB-68] – Transcoder seek support for WebM ( socket->setTimePosition() ).
  • [AVB-20] – Ability to split a long video to 2 or more pieces (DVDBuilder needs this to create multi-disc DVD output)
  • [AVB-5] – API: Inconsistent collections
  • [AVB-6] – API: setStream doesn’t go well with setStreamType
  • [AVB-7] – API: Expose an interface (not a class) for setting parameters
  • [AVB-8] – The MediaSample::endTime property is used for two different purposes
  • [AVB-9] – Extend the transcoder, so that it is possible to set only the input and output file names.
  • [AVB-53] – Sample Improvements
  • [AVB-62] – Transcoder seek ( socket->setTimePosition() ) is not precise
  • [AVB-71] – Unify helper string classes used in samples
  • [AVB-82] – Restructure License info API
  • [AVB-13] – Allow AVB to be loaded and used more than once in a single process


  • [AVB-4] – Mp3 length is reported as zero
  • [AVB-14] – Wav file duration is reported in milliseconds while it should be in seconds
  • [AVB-16] – The transcoded file is shorter than the source file
  • [AVB-17] – The transcoder does not seek in the input wave file.
  • [AVB-21] – A/V sync issues in MPEG-PS
  • [AVB-22] – Make sure that the frame rate filter can be explicitly set in order to compensate for missing video frames.
  • [AVB-30] – MPEG2 Muxer generates corrupt output
  • [AVB-35] – MPEG2 muxer output does not contain DTS in the PES packet header.
  • [AVB-40] – Transcoder crashes on OSX with specific files
  • [AVB-56] – Muxer Error when converting from ogg to wma
  • [AVB-60] – Transcoder.Open() fails if then input is MPEG PS and socket.setTimePosition() is called.
  • [AVB-64] – The audio sample time is reset
  • [AVB-66] – The WMA decoder does not keep the sample time
  • [AVB-70] – WebM muxer output does not strictly follow the “WebM Container Guidelines”

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