AVBlocks 1.10

Release Notes

User Story

  • [AVB-237] – Redefine presets as nested namespaces / classes.
  • [AVB-299] – Better documentation of H.264 encoder parameters.
  • [AVB-348] – Make stream detection more robust
  • [AVB-364] – Samples: ImageSequence in VB.NET
  • [AVB-374] – Write aspect ratio in the MP4 container when an H.264/AVC stream has non-square pixels
  • [AVB-376] – C++ API: Replace MediaSocket static creating functions with Library equivalents
  • [AVB-328] – API: Add functions to get library version and description
  • [AVB-359] – New AccessUnitDelimiters H.264 encoder parameter
  • [AVB-365] – Samples: C++: CaptureDS sample for Windows
  • [AVB-366] – Samples: .NET: CaptureDS sample


  • [AVB-259] – The video frame rate filter is not used when it is set explicitly
  • [AVB-367] – Missing sample-resources subfolders in windows packages.
  • [AVB-368] – Progress report causes out of range exception in sample app.
  • [AVB-373] – Aspect ratio not detected for an H.264/AVC stream in MP4 container
  • [AVB-375] – Cannot transcode from WMA Lossless to WMA Pro

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