AVBlocks 1.12

Release Notes

User Story

  • [AVB-406] – Transcoder: H.264 Decoder: Optimize for 4K / 2160p / 30fps playback
  • [AVB-462] – Add more MPEG-1/2 encoding parameters (I/P/B pics, VBV buffer size)
  • [AVB-470] – Samples: CaptureDS sample in VB.NET
  • [AVB-419] – BDAV: Pad last LPCM frame to 5ms at end of stream
  • [AVB-430] – VideoOverlay filter should work in place to avoid needless memory copy
  • [AVB-431] – Apply ColorSpaceConverter and Resize filter in order that guarantees an intermediate frame with the smallest size.
  • [AVB-432] – Transcoder: Pull: MediaBuffer should stay valid until parent MediaSample is released.
  • [AVB-433] – Samples: New AVMixer sample shows how to compress and multiplex YUV video and LPCM audio into H.264/AAC/MP4 file.
  • [AVB-458] – CaptureDS sample: add custom output sockets and recording without audio input


  • [AVB-424] – Samples: CaptureDS crashes when recording to webm.vp8.vorbis preset
  • [AVB-435] – H264 Encoder: Mac: Visual defects in the video produced by the AVMixer sample
  • [AVB-439] – Samples: Segmentation fault in console samples when output preset is not specified
  • [AVB-446] – Transcoder: .NET: Input configured with MediaSocket.File does not work
  • [AVB-459] – MPEG 1/2 Video encoder: TV system/standard is always PAL
  • [AVB-472] – TIFF images cannot be opened/parsed on a clean Ubuntu 14.04
  • [AVB-473] – Crash when encoding mpeg-1 video on 8 core system

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