AVBlocks 1.13

Release Notes

User Story

  • [AVB-319] – Add a parameter to force/request re-encoding in case the input and output formats are equivalent
  • [AVB-486] – Presets: Add a preset for fast H.264 encoding
  • [AVB-487] – Samples: C++: New ReEncode sample
  • [AVB-488] – Samples: .NET: New ReEncode sample
  • [AVB-63] – H.264 Encoder: Improve performance by using all CPU cores.
  • [AVB-310] – MP4: Remux H.264 without transcoding
  • [AVB-403] – Installer: Windows: Replace the current self-extracting RAR packages with zip archives
  • [AVB-450] – API: Add enums or named constants for allowed and documented parameter values
  • [AVB-489] – Docs: Windows: .Net: Include XML documentation for Visual Studio
  • [AVB-490] – Docs: Mac: Include a docset for XCode
  • [AVB-499] – Presets: BDAV: Encode H.264 video with 4 slices per picture if level is 4.1

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