AVBlocks 1.15

Release Notes

User Story

  • [PC-72] – Detect Teletext stream in TS
  • [AVB-333] – Demuxers: MP4: Support PCM audio tracks (‘sowt’ and ‘twos’ codecs)
  • [AVB-525] – StreamInfo: ProgramID and StreamID properties for multi-program transport streams (mpeg2-ts)
  • [AVB-538] – MediaInfo: Allow data stream processing via a Push method
  • [AVB-173] – MediaBuffer: Improve MediaBuffer interface and Buffer helper class
  • [AVB-437] – .NET: Avoid memory copy between managed and unmanaged code
  • [AVB-546] – Demuxers: MP4: Support ctts atom version 1
  • [AVB-552] – Fix VCD related presets to produce MPEG1-PS
  • [AVB-553] – .NET: Add MediaSocket.StreamSubType to the .NET API


  • [AVB-425] – Samples: CaptureDS: Recording stops with an error after only a few seconds
  • [AVB-535] – Demuxers: MPEG-TS: PAT has to be the first packet in a captured TS file in order to detect available programs and streams
  • [AVB-543] – AAC stream not recognized in a MOV container
  • [AVB-551] – Crash when using MPEG_PES stream type for output.

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