AVBlocks 1.17

Release Notes

User Story

  • [AVB-183] – Samples: New MP4Muxer sample
  • [AVB-527] – Transcoder: Support MPEG-2 TS in Transcoder.Push
  • [AVB-559] – Samples: .NET: New ImageGrabber WPF sample
  • [AVB-320] – Codecs: AAC: Convert bitstream from ADIF to ADTS to avoid re-encoding.
  • [AVB-529] – Samples: CaptureDS: Set capture format without using the built-in property page
  • [AVB-534] – Docs: Improve the MediaPin.Connection docs
  • [AVB-536] – Demuxers: MPEG2-TS: Generate a separate data stream for Program Specific Information (PSI) tables
  • [AVB-554] – MediaInfo: Extend to report system subtype


  • [AVB-560] – Cannot parse a wav file containing a muLaw audio stream
  • [AVB-573] – Transcoder.Pull returns multiple PCM audio samples with the same startTime
  • [AVB-578] – Cannot read an MPEG-2 Program Stream encoded with PrimoMpeg
  • [AVB-601] – Crash in Transcoder.Open when the input is a raw G.711 or G.726 file (no container)
  • [AVB-609] – Muxer: Output artefacts when using Param.Muxer.MP4.FastStart with some clips

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