AVBlocks 1.19

Release Notes

User Story

  • [AVB-147] – Presets: HDV 720P / HDV 1080i encoding presets
  • [AVB-232] – Presets: Additional MP4 presets
  • [AVB-570] – Transcoder: Deliver MPEG-2 TS packets and decoded elementary streams to different outputs of the same transcoder


  • [AVB-65] – Transcoding a wmv input (with non-explicit/missing fps) to mp4 output fails with a muxer error
  • [AVB-357] – The test “mpg_convert_vsize_convert_abitrate” fails on OS X
  • [AVB-676] – Demuxers: The MPEG-TS demuxer cannot process more than 20 streams
  • [AVB-683] – Audio decoder (Mpeg Audio, AAC) flush does not work. Some audio samples are lost.
  • [AVB-686] – Docs: C++: Nested namespaces under primo::avblocks::Preset are not visible
  • [AVB-687] – The test “mpegts_h264_aac_to_mp4_remux” produces an output with damaged audio.

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