AVBlocks 1.21

Release Notes

User Story

  • [AVB-234] – Presets: MP3 presets
  • [AVB-235] – Presets: WMA Presets
  • [AVB-236] – Presets: AAC Presets
  • [AVB-705] – Transcoder: NVIDIA hardware acceleration for H.264 encoding
  • [AVB-706] – Transcoder: NVIDIA hardware acceleration for H.265 encoding
  • [AVB-710] – Presets: WebM / VP8 encoding presets
  • [AVB-718] – Hardware: New API for encoding hardware enumeration.
  • [PC-106] – MediaBuffer: Add Clone method.
  • [PC-107] – MediaSample: Add Clone method.
  • [PC-108] – Muxers: MP4: Support H.265 elementary stream
  • [PC-157] – MediaPin: Add Clone method
  • [PC-158] – MediaSocket: Add Clone method
  • [AVB-161] – Presets: H.264 and AAC encoder default parameters should match the Web preset
  • [AVB-321] – Presets: Remove the sampling rate from the MP4_H264 preset
  • [AVB-720] – Docs: MediaSocket: Improve TimePosition member docs
  • [AVB-730] – Codecs: H.264: The TreatBFramesAsReference param should be false by default.
  • [AVB-733] – Presets: Move all preset definitions under nested namespaces / classes.
  • [AVB-756] – Docs: MediaSocket: .NET: Clarify the time unit for MediaSocket.TimePosition property.
  • [AVB-759] – MediaBuffer: .NET: DataOffset property should be read-only
  • [AVB-760] – MediaBuffer: .NET: DataSize property should be read-only
  • [AVB-794] – Apple Live Streaming Presets: Change the audio sampling rate from 44100Hz to 48000Hz
  • [PC-125] – Codecs: H.264: Intel QSV: Parameter default values should match the software H.264 encoder
  • [PC-126] – Codecs: H.264: AMD VCE: Parameter default values should match the software H.264 encoder
  • [PC-127] – Codecs: H.264: NVIDIA NVENC: Parameter default values should match the software H.264 encoder
  • [PC-138] – StreamSubType: Add AVCC enum value and AVC1 alias.
  • [PC-139] – StreamSubType: Add None enum value
  • [PC-140] – StreamSubType: Add AVC_Annex_B enum value
  • [PC-153] – Muxers: MP4: Update AVCDecoderConfigurationRecord from the H.264 bitstream data
  • [PC-160] – Docs: Document that Media Foundation feature must be installed on Windows Server to be able to use Windows Media codecs


  • [AVB-65] – Regression: Transcoding a wmv input (with non-explicit/missing fps) to mp4 output fails with a muxer error
  • [AVB-755] – StreamInfo.Bitrate setting is doubled by the H.264 software encoder
  • [AVB-765] – Samples: H264NaluDecoder C++ does not work
  • [AVB-770] – Codecs: NVIDIA NVENC H.264: The NVENC H.264 encoder does not use ProfileIdc param, output bitstream profile is always set to High.
  • [AVB-783] – Process stops abruptly when Hardware::refresh() is called on a system with new AMD drivers (15.7.1)

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