AVBlocks 1.22

Release Notes

User Story

  • [AVB-787] - API: Allow to set image overlay through VideoStreamInfo parameter
  • [AVB-738] - Transcoder: AMD VCE hardware acceleration for H.264 encoding (via MFT)
  • [AVB-761] - Docs: Transcoder: Document the MediaSample format for each stream supported by Transcoder.Push
  • [AVB-768] - Samples: .NET: Deprecate the .NET CLR 2 projects
  • [AVB-802] - Transcoder: Return Library not initialized if Library.Initialize has not been called.
  • [AVB-717] - Audio and video out of sync when H.264 uses B-frames in MP4 container
  • [AVB-807] - Muxers: MP4: Transcoding with NVIDIA NVENC and Intel QuickSync encoders fails for certain H.264 settings.
  • [AVB-829] - Hardware: Windows: GPU reset during hardware enumeration on Windows Server 2012 R2+ with XFX AMD R7 260X (Core Edition) GPU, Driver 14.12

  • [PC-115] - Crash in AAC encoder with some combinations of sample rate and bitrate
  • [PC-161] - Encoders: AVC / H.264 SW: Multiple encodings with B-frames do not produce exactly the same output.
  • [PC-171] - Encoders: H.264: AMD: MFT: Hang on Window Server 2012 R2+ with XFX AMD R7 260X GPU (Double Dissipation Edition), Driver 14.12

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