AVBlocks 1.26

Release Notes

User Story

  • [AVB-220] - Samples: C++: New dump_avc_au sample
  • [AVB-617] - Blocks: New Block abstract class
  • [AVB-758] - API: C++: Immutable block inputs and outputs
  • [AVB-805] - Samples: C# and VB.NET: Isolate and hide command line parsing code
  • [AVB-813] - Samples: C++: Rename H264NaluDecoder to dec_avc_au
  • [AVB-837] - Samples: C++: New enc_avc_push sample
  • [AVB-838] - Samples: C#: New enc_avc_push sample
  • [AVB-861] - Blocks: Transcoder Block
  • [AVB-869] - Samples: C++: New dec_avc_file sample
  • [AVB-870] - Samples: C#: New dec_avc_file sample
  • [AVB-871] - Samples: C++: New enc_avc_file sample
  • [AVB-872] - Samples: C#: New enc_avc_file sample
  • [AVB-892] - Samples: C++: Isolate and hide command line parsing code
  • [AVB-913] - Samples: Rename mp4_mix_yuv_pcm to enc_mp4_avc_aac_push
  • [AVB-914] - Samples: Rename MP4Muxer to mux_mp4_avc_aac_file
  • [AVB-917] - Samples: Rename VideoSplitter to split_mp4_pull_push
  • [AVB-919] - Samples: Rename AVInfo to read_av_info_any_file
  • [AVB-921] - Samples: Rename MetaInfo to read_metadata_any_file
  • [AVB-924] - Filters: Overlay: Handle images with alpha channel
  • [AVB-927] - Samples: CaptureDS: Enable hardware acceleration
  • [AVB-936] - Samples: Exit with non-zero code on error
  • [AVB-941] - Samples: C#: New overlay_yuv_jpegs_push_pull sample
  • [AVB-943] - Docs: Clarify that device ID must be used for the HardwareDevice parameter.
  • [AVB-955] - API: Return frame size from frame dimensions and color format
  • [AVB-1013] - Windows: Upgrade C++ sample projects to Visual Studio 2015


  • [AVB-925] - Transcoder: AccessViolationException in Transcoder.Close after Transcoder.Run when Run returns false.
  • [AVB-926] - Transcoder: Overlay image not added during MP4 to MP4 conversion
  • [AVB-930] - Encoding 32-bit or 8-bit audio to output preset produces only noise
  • [AVB-952] - Samples: CaptureDS: Transcoder is not flushed when recording is stopped
  • [AVB-991] - Linux: Demo overlay is missing
  • [AVB-1014] - Demuxers: MP4: Cannot decode MP3 audio from MP4 files created by some DVR systems.
  • [PC-234] - Codecs: H.264: AMD MFT encoder crashes if closed without flush
  • [PC-238] - Codecs: H.264: Intel QuickSync Media encoder sporadic failure

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