AVBlocks 1.6 now available!

Release Notes – AVBlocks – Version 1.6.0


  • [AVB-96] – Clean .Net API documentation
  • [AVB-97] – Clean C++ API documentation
  • [AVB-158] – Allow to set the output VideoStreamInfo stride
  • [AVB-164] – Return Sync and NoOutput errors instead of UnsupportedFormat
  • [AVB-165] – Load Wmvcore.dll dynamically. The dll is not present on all Windows systems.
  • [AVB-167] – Rename ColorFormat::RGBXyz to ColorFormat::BGRXyz
  • [AVB-179] – Handle .dat, .mpe, .mpeg, .mpeg4, and .ogm file extensions
  • [AVB-180] – Docs: C++: Update Transcoder::run API documentation
  • [AVB-187] – Load msdmo.dll dynamically when needed for WM codecs
  • [AVB-141] – Push / Pull for MPEG4 video elementary streams
  • [AVB-166] – G.711 and G.726 codecs


  • [AVB-115] – Ogg demuxer returns -1 for seek position
  • [AVB-145] – MediaInfo returns InvalidOperation error when the input stream is invalid.
  • [AVB-163] – MPEG-4 Visual: MP4 demuxer will not group the headers and data for “I” frames (in some border cases).
  • [AVB-170] – Transcoder fails to decode a video frame in pull mode

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