AVBlocks 1.7 now available!

Release Notes – AVBlocks – Version 1.7.0


  • [AVB-225] – Use explicit values for public enumerations and document the actual values
  • [AVB-266] – Segment Param::Video parameters by function
  • [AVB-267] – Parameter refactoring
  • [AVB-274] – When printing errors sample apps must check for a null error message
  • [AVB-288] – API Docs: Update Transcoder::flush() documentation
  • [AVB-292] – Keep the input interlaced type if the output is not set explicitly
  • [AVB-293] – Rename primo::codecs::InterlaceType to primo::codecs::ScanType (Breaking change)
  • [AVB-295] – Change VideoStreamInfo::ScanType default value from ScanType::Progressive to ScanType::Unknown (Breaking change)
  • [AVB-155] – Transcoder: Push / pull support for MPEG-4 Visual elementary stream
  • [AVB-193] – DirectShow Filters: MPEG-2 Video, MPEG Audio and MPEG Muxer
  • [AVB-195] – Enable the use of Crop/Pad parameters
  • [AVB-196] – By default make sure that the video is not distorted if the input/output aspect ratios differ
  • [AVB-252] – Production version should return error if it finds that a license has expired.
  • [AVB-261] – Add IntParameter to supported parameter types in AVBlocks
  • [AVB-283] – AVBlocks on Debian


  • [AVB-224] – Fix the ErrorFacility constants in .NET to be the same as the C++ constants
  • [AVB-263] – API Docs: Typo in MediaBuffer::data description
  • [AVB-273] – Null message for the new UnlicensedFeature error
  • [AVB-275] – Samples: Fix wrong calls to WriteFile (Windows)
  • [AVB-290] – Push decoding broken for H.264 interlaced streams in some specific cases

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