AVBlocks 1.9

Release Notes

User Story

  • [AVB-302] – Reduce the jitter in the video frame rate converter to less than +125 ms / -45 ms.
  • [AVB-338] – Change ErrorInfo::message() to return an empty string instead of NULL.
  • [AVB-346] – Linux: Include the missing library name as a hint in case of MissingDependency error
  • [AVB-322] – Pass AAC streams from the MP4 demuxer to the MP4 muxer without re-encoding
  • [PC-54] – Enable placing of MPEG-2 video in a MPEG-4 container (mp4)
  • [AVB-329] – API Docs: Clarify MediaBuffer usage in Transcoder::push()
  • [AVB-349] – API Docs: Update the description of StreamType::H264 and StreamSubType::AVC1
  • [AVB-351] – API Docs: Document the ConcealDefects parameter


  • [AVB-136] – Demo version fails when video output is set to NV12 YUV
  • [AVB-219] – Transcoder returns Operation not implemented (facility:5 code:5) when output color format is set to Gray
  • [AVB-301] – Converting H.264 4K (mp4) to a AVBlocks preset produces a small file with no video stream
  • [AVB-325] – Transcoder stops with an error when decoding specific MPEG-4 Visual streams
  • [AVB-330] – Crash when an H.264 stream is decoded repeatedly many times
  • [AVB-331] – Incorrect ID3v2 header size written when using MP3 presets
  • [AVB-334] – WebM splitter does not report normalized DAR (e.g.1280/720 instead of 16/9)
  • [AVB-336] – MPEG Audio splitter does not fill the StreamSubtype info
  • [AVB-341] – Demuxer / Splitter names reported as NULL for certain splitters
  • [AVB-342] – Images cannot be opened/parsed on clean Ubuntu 12.04
  • [AVB-343] – Linux: UnsupportedFormat (instead of MissingDependency) error when loading images on fresh Ubuntu 12.04
  • [AVB-347] – MPEG4-Visual decoder does not ignore stuffing bytes
  • [AVB-352] – Some streams may cause access violation in the MPEG-4 Visual decoder
  • [PC-43] – Heap corruption in MP4 muxer when a stream is configured with framerate=0

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