AVBlocks 2.1

Release Notes

User Story

  • [AVB-217] - Samples: C++: dec_avc_au should work with pre-processed files that contain one AVC / H.264 AU (Access Unit) per file.
  • [AVB-244] - Samples: C#: New dec_avc_au sample
  • [AVB-809] - Samples: C++: New dec_avc_push sample
  • [AVB-810] - Samples: C#: New dec_avc_push sample
  • [AVB-811] - Samples: C++: New dec_avc_pull sample
  • [AVB-812] - Samples: C#: New dec_avc_pull sample
  • [AVB-893] - Samples: C#: New dump_avc_au sample
  • [AVB-954] - Samples: Rename sample-resources directory to assets
  • [AVB-976] - Params: Rename Overlay::BackgroundX and BackgroundY to LocationX and LocationY
  • [AVB-983] - Samples: New demux_mp4_file sample
  • [AVB-1001] - Docs: Document the relation between NumBFrames and NumRefFrames H.264 parameters.
  • [AVB-1021] - Samples: New enc_mpg_dvd sample
  • [AVB-1031] - Samples: C++: New overlay_yuv_jpegs_push_pull sample
  • [AVB-1056] - Remove API deprecated before 2.0
  • [AVB-1061] - Samples: New capture_ds_video_audio sample


  • [AVB-1030] - Mac: Filters: Overlay: Contour between transparent and opaque area
  • [AVB-1037] - Mac: Segmentation fault while decoding H.264 stream in MPEG-2 PS container and reporting progress
  • [AVB-1053] - Docs: C++: MediaInfo documentation is garbage
  • [AVB-1054] - Docs: C#: Deprecated MediaInfo methods and properties are not visible.
  • [AVB-1055] - Docs: C#: Main page content is not rendered correctly.
  • [AVB-1059] - Codecs: H.264: Intel Quick Sync Video: Encoding fails with unsupported format/operation on Windows 7
  • [AVB-1060] - WMV and WMA decoders not flushed properly. Could lose the last decoded frame.
  • [AVB-1073] - Encoders: AAC: Cannot encode AAC with Push or Pull in .NET
  • [AVB-1081] - Transcoder freezes when an empty sample is pushed

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