AVBlocks 1.14

Release Notes

User Story

  • [AVB-500] – Transcoder: Support H.264 interlaced video output
  • [AVB-503] – Support *.MOD and *.TOD file formats
  • [AVB-504] – Add picture type to MediaSample
  • [AVB-517] – Support *.M2T file format
  • [AVB-475] – MPEG-2 Encoder: Improve performance and quality in restricted VBR mode
  • [AVB-506] – Params: MediaSocket and MediaPin.Params collections should be readily available.
  • [AVB-509] – MediaInfo: Windows: Return the correct error message for known COM errors.
  • [AVB-512] – Params: C++: Add convenience “add” methods to ParamList, e.g. ParamList::addInt(const char_t* name, int64_t value)
  • [AVB-520] – Docs: Add class diagrams


  • [AVB-507] – MediaSocket: Calling FromMediaInfo multiple times creates media sockets linked to the same StreamInfo instance

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