AVBlocks 1.24

Release Notes

User Story

  • [AVB-736] - Samples: Rename AVMixer to mp4_mix_yuv_pcm
  • [AVB-815] - Samples: C++: Set working directory to be ....\lib\ for easier debugging
  • [AVB-882] - Transcoder: Tests: Add more unit tests for AVI to MP4 transcoding
  • [AVB-337] - The test rgb24_to_mpeg2ps_write produces an output file with varying duration/size.
  • [AVB-340] - MediaInfo: ScanType is not detected correctly for interlaced video in Debug/x64
  • [PC-136] - Decoders: AVC / H.264 SW: Frames are reordered when decoding 4K video input

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