AVBlocks 2.3.1

Release Notes

User Story

  • [AVB-682] - Installer: Mac: Distribute AVBlocks as a simple zip file
  • [AVB-959] - Samples: New hw_enc_avc_amd_file sample
  • [AVB-1139] - Wiki: Clarify that the NVIDIA Kepler GK208, Maxwell GM108 and Pascal GP108 chipsets do not have hardware encoder chip
  • [AVB-1153] - Wiki: C++: Update simple converter pages with latest code
  • [AVB-1156] - Samples: macOS: Switch projects to Xcode 9
  • [AVB-1159] - Wiki: C++: Update error handling pages for latest AVBlocks version
  • [AVB-1128] - Update MediaInfo::open docs
  • [AVB-1129] - Wiki: Post about AAC decoder in C++
  • [AVB-1131] - Wiki: Refresh MediaInfo related posts


  • [AVB-1125] - Cannot open certain MP3 file and convert them to PCM
  • [AVB-1167] - MP4: Invalid stream error when demuxing MP4 file with pvat atom in it
  • [AVB-1170] - Clicks in the resulting mp3 file when doing 320kbps / CBR encoding

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